Hi, I am Kibbeum Naomi Lee


Yeah!_bbeum is my brand identity; it is based on my name. Yeah!_bbeum is combined ‘Yes’ with my name, ‘Kibbeum’. Moreover, it means beautiful in Korean. I think designers have to create something that looks beautiful. That is why I choose ‘Yeah!_bbeum’ as my brand identity. As a result, ‘Yeah!_bbeum’ can explain and express everything about me.

I have been interested in visual design since I was in middle school, so I like to collect movie posters and watch movies and motion graphics. These activities always give me good inspiration and ideas that I am able to make creative designs. Also, one of my hobbies is to travel to Europe. There are a lot of historic buildings and arts that I can get great references for. In daily life, I always focus on everything that I can see and watch because they could be good sources for my future design works. The reason why I do these things are that I think designers always have to try to get good inspiration and ideas from everywhere. In this portfolio website, you can see that I tried to show about me, and express these design processes.